Thule Traverse Short Roof Adaptor 487

For 2 door vehicles and pickup trucks, it may be necessary to use the Traverse Short Roof Adapter to achieve a functional bar spread between the front crossbar and the back crossbar. Each crossbar needs to be mounted in the doors. In a 2-door vehicle, like the Acura RSX for example, there is only approximately 8" - 12" of usable space at the top of the door frame, which would yield a very narrow crossbar spread. 

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Thule 480r Rapid Traverse Roof Rack Bundle



  • Enables you to extend the 2nd crossbar back further on the roof of a 2-door car or truck
  • Corrects weight distribution for increased load capacity
  • Allows longer carriers to be attached (water sports carriers, cargo boxes, etc.)


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Thule 487 Short Roof Adapter

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