Thule SpeedLink Universal Mounting Hardware

The worst part of the beginning or end of a ski season has to be taking the rack on and off the car.  The Thule SpeedLink Universal Mounting Hardware allows you to install/remove your ski rack quickly without tools!  With just a twist of the wrist, the rack can be mounted or removed  to your crossbars  Add Thule Lock Cores to the SpeedLink Hardware and secure them to your crossbars.  Cracks & Racks can match up your lock numbers with the same Thule locks used to lock up your skis and boards.  This way you do not have to purchase additional keys and your current keys will work for every lock on the rack, very convenient!  The SpeedLink Hardware comes standard on new Thule ski racks, but is a nice addition to some of their previous rack models and will make your life easier!


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  • Includes (4) Speedlink Hardware clamps
  • Can be used with these previous Thule ski rack models: 91725, 91724, 91726, 726 PullTop, 724, 725, Sportrack SR6466
  • Is a much better, quicker, easier, and cheaper option than the Thule 7533998 universal mounting kit and the old Thule FM1 Fat Mouth Clamp.
  • Universal mounting hardware that will work with almost any kind of crossbar, 3.5" wide or less.  This includes:  Thule Aeroblade, Thule Square Bar, Yakima Round Bar, Yakima JetStream, Yakima Corebar, RockyMounts Ouray Crossbars, and most Factory Crossbars.
  • Can be locked to your crossbars with Thule Lock Cores, sold separately, but they are not needed to make the rack function.
  • You can purchase identical lock cores to the ones locking your skis and boards, just match up the numbers on the face of the lock.  This way you can use your keys and do not have to purchase extras. 
  • Only 2 Thule Single Lock Cores are needed for each set of SpeedLink Hardware.  One lock for the rack on the front crossbar and one for the rack on the rear crossbar. 
  • Comes with plugs for hardware without locks, to keep road grime out of hardware mechanism.


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Thule 7324 and 7326 with SpeedLink Hardware

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