Saris 999TB Freedom Spare Tire Rack

Finally! A platform style rack that mounts to the spare tire. The Saris 999TB Freedom Spare Tire Rack will mount to any rear mounted spare tire. Being a platform style it holds the bikes by the wheels and patented Cuscino cushioned cradle that can be mounted almost anywhere on the frame. This gives bikes there own spot on the rack and minimizes bike to bike contact and increase the variety of bikes that can be carried because they are not being carried by the top tube of the frame only. Unlike most platform racks that attach to the hitch, this rack is connected to the spare tire. It will swing with the spare tire, which will be nice when trying to get gear out of the back of your Jeep before or after a ride.

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Brand: Saris



  • A spare tire platform style rack, that will hold a wider variety of bikes than the typical hanging style of spare tire rack
  • Each bike has its own spot on the rack which minimizes bike to bike contact, unlike hanging style racks
  • Holds 2 bikes at 35lbs per bike
  • Will fit any kind of spare tire (comes with bracket A that fits most spare tires, but some vehicles may require bracket B at an additional cost)
  • Can be adjusted to center rack on offset spare tires
  • Bikes are held in place with patented Cuscino cradles that offer an extremely cushioned connection to the frame of the bikes
  • Adjustable arm and wheel trays to fit most bikes out there

Other spare tire options are the Thule 963PRO SpareMe and the Yakima 2598 SpareTime


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