RockyMounts JetLine Bike Rack

The JetLine is a marriage of the RockyMounts Pitchfork and Euro Pitchfork bike racks. Either way it is attached, it is the sleekest way to attach a fork mount bike rack to T-channel crossbar systems by utilizing the channel that runs along the top of the crossbar. Specially designed hardware fits into the channels of the crossbars and tightens down the front and rear of the bike rack. Mounting into these top tracks on the crossbars makes for the cleanest look and fit of any bike rack on the market. Even more, the JetLine also attaches to Yakima Roundbars and Thule Loadbars with the included hardware, making it extremely versatile.

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  • Works on Thule AeroBlade, Whispbar and most European car Factory installed crossbars with a channel running along the top of the crossbar
  • Included hardware also fits on Yakima Roundbars and Thule Loadbars
  • Fits bikes with disc brakes without the need for additional adapters
  • Stainless steel, long-throw skewer provides positive closure and single-sided adjustment for bike attachment
  • Lockable with Rocky Mount Lock Cores - (sold separately). 1 lock core locks the bike to the rack. A 2nd locks the rack to the vehicle.
  • Clean design with NO mounting hardware underneath the crossbar

Available in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • White
  • Yellow


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Great Value and Top Shop Seller!Review by Cracks & Racks - Brandon
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I currently own two of these and I like this bike rack for many reasons. They have a nice low profile look and are strong enough to handle Colorado roads. It comes with hardware for my Yakima RoundBars and my Wife's Thule AeroBlades, so we can switch them between our cars. They are easy to install on the crossbars and the bikes mount easily too. Plus, the price was right!

If you have a newer mountain bike you may have a thru-axle. If you have a thru-axle you will need an adapter to make this rack work for your bike (~$50-$70.00). A similar rack that has the adapter built in is the RockyMounts SwitchHitter.

INSTALLATION TIP: If mounting in the T-Channel of an aerodynamic crossbar make sure to use two washers on the front two bolts. Otherwise, when you tighten the bolts will go too far and dent the crossbars.

TIP: Remove racks during seasons you are not biking. This will save wear and tear and increase the life of the rack. Overtime, the color of the bike trays will fade. This is from sun/element exposure, so removing when not needed will keep them brighter.

TIP: Road grime can seize the skewers. A little DW40 in the hinges of the skewer each year will keep them working and free.

(Posted on 10/21/2016)

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Ease of Installation
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RockyMounts JetLine Bike Rack

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