Road Shower 4 Solar Shower

Outdoor activities while extremely fun, can be extremely messy. With the Road Shower 4 you can adequately hold, heat, and pressurize up to 7 gallons of water on top of your vehicle, making it the perfect solution to cleaning up after a great day in the dirty outdoors. No more messing around with those flimsy bladders that require you to hang them from a tree above your head so gravity can go to work.
With the Road Shower 4 you can have a free flowing, pressurized shower no matter the height of your vehicle since you can pressurize it with a standard bicycle pump (Schrader Valve) or a CO2 cartridge pump. It also has a pressure relief valve built in, so it will never become over pressurized. Hot or cold, the Road Shower has many uses from dishes to pets or gear to drinking water. It will heat itself while you drive and has a built in LCD thermometer.  It does not take up much space on your crossbars, so you can still attach other accessories such as a bike rack or a cargo b

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Road Shower



  • Attaches to Thule Load (square) bars, Yakima Round bars, Whispbar racks, Aeroblade Crossbars, and factory installed crossbars.  Road Shower 4S hardware is thicker for better grip on the crossbars
  • Great accessory to your car rack, boat, RV, or trailer
  • Can accommodate a bar spread up to ~53" (~50" for Factory crossbars, Thule AeroBlades, or Whispbars)
  • Holds up to 7 gallons of water good for 3-4 showers
  • Solar heated and now the Road Shower 4S has a built in LCD thermometer show exact temp. 
  • Shower can be pressurized with a standard bicycle pump (Schrader Valve) or CO2 cartridge pump up to 15PSI
  • Spray nozzle has multiple settings for different applications
  • Rugged and tough, made from black, powder-coated aluminum
  • Simple and easy to use, no complex parts or mechanisms.
  • Powder coated aluminum and clear poly hose are non-toxic for drinking water
  • Field tested on some of the roughest 4WD roads in Colorado and Utah
  • Built in air chamber allows for full filling of water
  • Two T-slots; One on the side and one on the bottom to allow for multiple attatchment options.
  • Dimensions: L 55" x H 5.7" x W 7.4" 
  • Weight: Empty: 25lbs, Full: 77lbs
  • Locking Loop allows you to lock the shower to the crossbars with a cable lock.  You can also use the Yakima Accessory Lock Housing with a Yakima SKS Lock Core to secure the hardware (sold separately)


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