Thule Cargo & Luggage Racks

A sleek, stylish Thule roof box gives you the ultimate in protection and security for whatever you might need to transport. Thule racks carry everything from outdoor gear and luggage to stuff for daily life, and do it with style. Looking for versatility? Thule roof baskets are ideal for bulkier items and cargo. For protection from the elements, Thule cargo bags give you the extra room you need and are easy to store.

    Thule Cargo Boxes

    Thule Cargo carriers make it easy to add storage capacity to any vehicle. Thule Cargo Boxes come in all different sizes, colors, and finishes.  They offer protection from the elements and  When it's time to make room for a growing family, or bring the dog along for the ride, a roof cargo box from Thule can certainly make a big difference in your on-road capacity.

    Thule Cargo Baskets & Bags

    Adding a Thule Cargo Basket or Thule Cargo Bag provides extra capacity for long road trips, desert trips or airport runs. Thule Cargo Baskets come in different styles and sizes that complement the roof of any vehicle or SUV. A cargo basket can also carry bulkier items that won't fit easily into a cargo box. Cargo bags can either be used by themselves on the roof, or placed neatly inside a cargo basket for weather protection and convenience

    Thule Cargo Rack Accessories

    If you're looking to gain some height to reach your cargo box, or you want to hang up your cargo box when you're not using it, you'll find Thule Cargo Rack accessories that you'll need at Cracks & Racks. We carry a complete selection of accessories.