Softride Racks

Softride, Inc. has created innovative, patented hitch-mounted bike racks and towing accessories since its inception in 1991. Softride products are not only the best products in their respective industries; they are the safest, most durable and aesthetically pleasing available. Softride’s patented Access Racks™ allow users the ability to access the rear of their vehicle, even with bikes fully loaded. Softride also offers patented QuietRide™ Towing Products that safely eliminate the annoying clanking sound associated with towing.

    Softride Bike Racks

    Softride bike racks feature a patented, parallelogram tilting technology that allows the upright mast of the bike rack to tilt away from the car, even when bikes are loaded. If you like to stage out of the back of your car when you go riding, or head out on a long road trip with bikes and still need access to the back of the car, then put a Softride Bike Rack on your short list.

    Softride Rack Accessories

    Cracks & Racks carries a complete selection of genuine Softride Replacement parts as well as Softride Towing and Hitch Products. If you need Softride replacement straps, or a new Softride Hitch lock, you'll be sure to find those products, and others here at Cracks & Racks.