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Cracks & Racks spawned from a tiny windshield repair business that began in Aspen, Colorado in January 1996.  In the fall of 2000, we began specializing in car racks and accessories.  Our success is built on a foundation of customer service, knowledge and culture.  We deliver value by combining a genuine commitment to excellence, competitive pricing and precision execution.

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Whatever your passion we’ve got a rack that will fit your vehicle. It’s our mission to make sure you find the right rack for your specific needs. We carry a vast catalog of vehicle-mounted racks, including bike racks, ski racks, snowboard racks, SUP racks, surfboard racks, canoe racks, kayak racks, and luggage racks.

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& AutoGlass

Cracks & Racks has been repairing windshields & autoglass since 1996, and is proud to offer the highest quality installations for any type of vehicle. 

We use all OEM approved parts for our glass replacement, and use the finest adhesive on the market, Dow Automotive Betaseal One, enabling you to safely drive your vehicle 1 hour after the new glass is set, provided temperatures remain above 0°F.

You can be confident with our installers too.  Our staff of 2 dedicated glass installers each have over 10 years of auto glass specific experience and have undergone rigorous training and certification with Dow Automotive and the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) to insure your safety.  In fact, we believe the 2 most important components of windshield installation are the technicians and the adhesives.

Auto Glass Installation FAQ's

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Will my insurance pay for the glass repair or replacement?

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Is my new windshield guaranteed?

I’m not sure what year my car is. Where can I find the year of my vehicle?

Why do you need my vehicle’s VIN Number?

What is a rain sensor?

How do I know if my windshield is heated?

What does shading and tinting mean on a windshield?

Why is there rust around my windshield?

What if my vehicle has rust around the edge of the glass?

I drive a high-end luxury car, do you know how to replace this glass?

Can you save my parking stickers on the windshield?

Can you repair a scratch in my windshield or coffee table?

Do you repair and replace residential or commercial glass?

We take everything we do here very seriously, and think you will recognize the value we
place in quality and safety.  That’s why everything we do for you is 100% guaranteed. 

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