Kuat Trio Small Bolt Kit

Some factory crossbars are very thin and small and your Kuat Trio will not tighten down all the way.  This is where the Kuat Trio Small Bolt Kit comes into play.  This kit will allow you to attach you Trio to small factory crossbars without them bottoming out or being too loose for comfort.  Plus it will drop these bolts properly into the rack instead of having them protruding out the top. 

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  • Specifically for the Kuat Trio Bike Rack
  • These will work best for smaller crossbars and wont allow the bolts to stick out of the top of the bike rack
  • If you attach your Trio to your crossbars and the bolts bottom out before the rack is tight, then you will need this product
  • Includes 2 U-bolts


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