Car Camping

Looking to get off the beaten path? Check out Tepui RoofTop tents, and other car camping accessories from Cracks & Racks. We carry tents, awnings, portable showers and other automotive related products that make car camping better than ever.

    Tepui RoofTop Tents

    Turn your vehicle into its own basecamp with the addition of a Tepui RoofTop Tent that will fit on virtually any roof rack. Tepui, the industry leader in RoofTop tents, makes tents for everyone from the weekend warrior to families looking to spend quality time together. Tepui Tents feature two built-in screened panels for excellent ventilation and star gazing. Ready for your next adventure?

    Car Camping Accessories

    You’re in love with the wilderness, and a season isn’t complete without an adventure. Here at Cracks & Racks, we understand your urge to get out into the wild. That’s why we provide our car camping accessories. Whether you're looking for shade or a shower to attach to your Yakima or Thule Roof Rack System, we've got a bunch of cool accessories that will make your next road or camping trip much more enjoyable. Browse through our catalog here.