Mini Cooper Cargo Box Install

If you’re looking to have a cargo box installed on the roof of your Mini Cooper, here are some photos to get some perspective on the size.  The box in this photo is a Thule Atlantis 1600 – Black.  It’s installed on the OEM roof bars that the customer had installed at her Mini dealer.

Since the roofline of the Mini is so small, we didn’t really want to go with a much larger Thule Cargo Box.

Thule 686BXT Atlantis 1600 Cargo Box

The 686BXT attaches directly to the OEM Mini Crossbars with the included QuickGrip Mounting Hardware

Thule Roof Cargo Box Atlantis 1600 Black

The placement of the Cargo Box allows the vehicle's rear door to open without interference, even with a small spoiler


The short roofline of the Mini dictates the size of the roof box that will fit properly

MIni Cooper Cargo Box Install

The Thule Atlantis 1600 complements the roof of the BMW Mini Cooper.


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